6 November 2015

Rebuilding Hampton Court Palace...

This October half term, to celebrate our fantastic Movie Maker Mission finale and our 500th anniversary, visitors to Hampton Court Palace were invited to redecorate it!

Don’t worry; we haven’t been handing out paintbrushes and ladders… together we created a new palace – the Paper Palace!

Our mini palace (a 20th of its actual size) popped up and offered a blank canvas, ready for some super-sized imagination…

Over nine days, more and more appeared… Countless windows, spooky (and friendly) ghosts, sturdy chimneys, flags from around the world, fiery dragons, ladies and gents from all eras and even a 3D sewer with mice! They were all given a colourful new home in the cartoon gallery.

Thank you to everyone who came and helped us, the finished Paper Palace was one to be proud of and we hope you enjoy the pictures and time-lapse of its creation!

Hampton Court Palace – 500 year anniversary